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West Quebec near Aylmer/Gatineau July 26 2015 7pm


UFO details report: I was sitting on my living room couch which faces a big picture window on the Ottawa River and has a huge view of the sky and river.  There were quite a few clouds last night, July 27, 2015, but my eye was drawn to one cloud in particular that looked odd and out of place.  It was the size of a golf ball and was kind of opaque but it was round.  It was sitting right on top of a regularly shaped cloud.  So I grabbed my binoculars and just about fell over when, after I focused on this bubble shaped cloud, there was something inside of it that took up the whole interior of the bubble.  There were 7 or 8 orbs/lights, 5 of which were in the shape of a V but on it's side and they were stationary and then the other 2 or 3 orbs around it were dancing around at the base of the V.  I assumed by the 5 being stationary that possibly they were part of a bigger object but you couldn't see anything solid in between the orbs/lights.  The orbs were all bright white and small like 1/4 or 1/8th the size of a small pea.  I have seen orbs like these on Youtube videos of UFOs in clouds.  I watched this for about a half hour and then either a cloud came over the formation or it just disappeared hard to know.  Now the really strange thing, not that this isn't strange enough, is that I have had 3 other sightings of UFOs in this same area over 3 years and 2 quite recently.  It's in the north western sky over Quebec near the Ottawa River across from a bird sanctuary.When I first noticed this I just thought it was an odd shaped cloud and didn't see the formation of orbs in it til I got out the binoculars.


After the sighting I called a friend who I'm sure thinks I'm nuts now as I have seen 3 other sightings as well of various kinds of UFOs and various actions.  Each time I see these things I try my hardest to find a reasonable answer to what the heck they are and nothing makes sense other than the general UFO term.  Not saying this is alien of course, how would I know?, but it's something strange - earthly or no.  Plus something is definitely going on over the skies of north west Quebec in this area.  It's getting so I am afraid to open the curtains in the morning for heavens sake, no pun intended.  lol. It's odd though because I am never scared when I see these things and actually sometimes they seem funny to me in how they are moving.


Some seem to want to be seen and others not so much (like seeming to hide behind clouds).  Hard to explain. That's it, for now anyways.  Why me?


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