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UFO Reporting Form

ParaResearchers/PSICAN Form...

In the box to the right of this note, please describe the the incident as it happened. Be sure your narative includes the following...
  • Where were you and what were you doing at the time?
  • What made you first notice the object?
  • What did you think the object was when you first noticed it?
  • Describe your actions/reactions during and after sighting the object.
  • Describe the object and its actions.
  • How did you lose sight of the object?
Please Enter Your Report In The Box Below

Place of sighting:
Sighting Time: Hour of Day:AM PM

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Below, please tell us the approximate duration of the sighting (in seconds, minutes or hours):
Date Of Sighting: Day: Month: Year:
Environmental Situation (Please Check/Fill In As Applicable):
Viewed From: Outdoors
From Inside a Car
From Inside an Airplane
On A Boat

If other, please explain:

Viewed Through: Glasses
Still Camera
Movie/Video Camera

If other, please explain:

Description of Location: City

Area/Terrain: Field(s)

Area/Technical: Airport
Power Station/Hydro
Railroad Track(s)

If other, please explain:

Sky Conditions Clouds: Clear Sky
Some Clouds, Not Many
Very Cloudy
Light Fog
Thick Fog

Weather Conditions: Dry/Cold(Cool)
Light Snow
Heavy Snows
Some Ice Formed
Ice Storm
No Wind
Light Winds
Heavy Winds
Dry/No Rain
No Rain/Humid
Light Rain/Dew
Heavy Rain - No Lightning/Thunder
Heavy Rain - Lightning/Thunder
Heavy Rain - Thunder
Heavy Rain - Lightning
Lightning - No Rain/Thunder
Sheet Lightning
Fork Lightning
Thunder - No Lightning/Rain
Thunder - Loud
Thunder - Quiet
Thunder - Rolling
UFO Direction and Travel:
UFO Was Seen Initially in: North
Directly Overhead
Don't know...
UFO Moved: Didn't Seem to Move
East to West
West to East
North to South
South to North
Shot Striaght Up Without Moving
Just Moved Erratically

If "erratic", please explain:
UFO Elevation
First Seen:
1/4 of the way up the Horizon
1/2 of the way up the Horizon
3/4 of the way up the Horizon
Directly Overhead
Landed/On The Ground

If other, please explain:
UFO Elevation
Last Seen:
1/4 of the way up the Horizon
1/2 of the way up the Horizon
3/4 of the way up the Horizon
Directly Overhead
Landed/On The Ground

If other, please explain:
UFO Distance:
When Closest To Me:
(Please specify in feet, metres, kilometres, miles)

Altitude When UFO was Closest To The Ground:
(Please specify in feet, metres, kilometres, miles)

UFO Passed in front of (name of building, object, etc.) which was distance from the witness. (Again, in feet, metres, kilometres, miles) Behind (name of building, object, etc.) which was distance from the witness. (Again, in feet, metres, kilometres, miles)

Also In The Area of Observation: Airplane
Airplanes (more than one)
Helicopters (more than one)
Balloons (more than one)
Searchlights (more than one)

If other, please explain:

Did you notice this/these "normal" object(s)...
Before Your Sighting
After Your Sighting
During Your Sighting
All of the Above
Object Description:
If you
an object:
Number of Objects:
Shape of Objects:
Colour(s) of Objects:

If you
a light or
Number of Lights:
Shape of Lights:
Colour(s) of Lights:

Did you hear any sound?
If so, please describe...

Did you experience and smells?
If so, please describe...

Can you estimate the speed of the craft?
Please use as much detail as possible...

Would you say the object(s)/light(s) were...
(Please select the most appropriate one...)

Bigger than a basketball
Smaller than a basketball
Bigger Than a Compact Car
Smaller Than a Compact Car
Bigger Than a House
Smaller Than a House
Other Description of Size

If "other", please explain...

Would you say the object(s)/light(s) were...
(Please fill in the boxes with your best estimate if appropriate...)

times the size of a star.

times the size of the full Moon.

Would you say the object(s)/light(s) were...
(Please check the boxes with your best estimate if appropriate...)

as bright as a star
as bright as the moon

If you feel there is a better comparison for brightness, please tell us and explain...

Did the object(s)/light(s)...
(Select all that are applicable)

Change Direction
Affected Radio/Television
Turn Abruptly
Affect Electricity
Fall like a Leaf
Affect Magnetism
Absorb Objects
Stayed Over Powerlines
Affect Timepieces
Eject Objects
Stay Over a Building
Affect an Engine
appear Solid
Change Shape
Land on Ground
Affect a Vehicle
Have Fuzzy Edges
Cast Shadow(s)
Land in Water
Affect Animal(s)
Have an Outline
Cast Light
Carry Occupants
Affect Humans
Reflect Light
Affect Water
Leave a Trail
Give Off Heat
Affect the Ground
Leave a Residue
Affect Vegatation
Appear Transparent
Witness and Testimony Information: How Many Other Witnesses were there?

Did any other agency contact you?
Yes No

If so, can you tell us who?

Did you contact any agency or group other than us about this?
Yes No

If so, can you tell us who?

In the box below and in your best opinion, you (or the witnesses) believe yourself (or themselves) to be...
Very interested in UFOs or related phenomena and before this sighting have read books/watched TV documentaries/visited websites/listened to radio programs about this phenomena often.

Somewhat interested in UFO and related phenomena and would occasionally watch TV programs/read books/look at websites about the topic before the sighting.

Interested and a regular reader of not just "real" UFO and alien phenomena reports but of Science Fiction as well before the sighting.

Somewhat interested in "real" reports and information as well as some Science Fiction before the sighting.

Only interested in Science Fiction before the sighting.

Not interested at all in the "real" phenomena and a slight interest in "sci-fi" before the experience.

Not interested at all in "sci-fi" but a mild curiosity in "real" phenomena and reports before the experience.

Not interested at all in the phenomena or "sci-fi" before the experience.

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Have you read the above statement and understand it thoroughly?
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Are you a legal adult (of legal adult age) in your area of residence and do not have to answer to any authority about personal information and have no guardian looking after your affairs? (ie: Ontario is 18 years of age, New York is 21 years of age)
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