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East Bolton Quebec Diamond-shape UFO April 14th 2015 10:30pm

ufo details report: I was walking down the driveway towards the road. I noticed it was really bright out. There was a really bright "star" that was twinkling. It was so large and bright, I'd never seen a star like it. Then I noticed it was moving. It was "hovering" in a circle. It was a bright diamond shape. It moved to the left in a straight line. Then back to where it was. It moved up in the sky in a kind of "staircase" pattern. Then it descended below the tree line. I could see a very bright, white light shining through the trees...moving left. The sky was very bright above it. There were tiny red lights, like insects or fireflies buzzing around it. Sometimes they were so faint I could hardly see them, but when the object descended below the tree line, I could see them more. I did notice several airplanes flying. Some far from the object (they have rhythmic, flashing light)and one seemed really close. I couldn't hear it.I was in awe. And at one point frightened. I remember looking above me to see if something was flying over me. I lost sight of it after it descended below the tree line. I was cold, and went back inside after being outside watching it for 30-45 mins.


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