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Ormstown Huntingdon County Quebec October 12, 2014 8pm

UFO details report: At approx. 8 p.m. on October 12, 2014 I took my dog out for a stroll and saw what looked like a fireball high in the sky - above and to the right of my "field of sky". It was orange and red and very bright.Initially I thought "plane" - since we have many flight paths that cross our southwestern Quebec sky, and the object was travelling from my right to the left of the sky. And it was a deliberate horizontal movement.But then it appeared to slow and stop. I moved out into the street to see it beyond a row of tall cedars - and thought I'd lost it, but after a few seconds it appeared in my line of sight again - - and stopped.It never moved farther to the left again while I watched it, but began to glow less orange and pulsed like an ember - strong/weaker/less strong/weaker until it appeared to "extinguish" and was gone.

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