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Nova Scotia

UFO details report: On a summer night around 1978 I was 10 and lived across from Hillcrest Volkswagon on Robie street Halifax NS around 6 o'clock pm my sisters friends came to our door freaked out about an object following them in the air.


Around that time we were watching tv show called Truth or Consequences the host was *Bob Barker. Well our tv went fuzzy so we went outside and could see an object. Back in those days this was a big deal the police were called by then it was dark and a lot of people were gathered in the driveway looking at it. The police officer was looking at it with binoculars and said that's not a airplane the airport was called by the police and said no planes were in that area.

My mother was concerned about my little sister and asked me to go get her I walked down the drive way and in an instant could see a large ufo over King street it was as bright as alight bulb and about half the size of a tennis court it hovered there. and i could see the reflections of many colours off the old grey shingles on the old shed. I was frozen in shock and couldn't run or yell it was like a big dog chasing after you and you were so scared you wanted to run but couldn't finally as quick as a light switch it moved far away


I was always shocked that no one else could see this but me after it moved up high in the sky the other people would see it again it was like it wanted me to see it only when it was close like it could block others from seeing it after it left a lot of time seem to pass it left around **12 o'clock we went back in the house and the tv was still fuzzy until it was out of sight then the tv picture was back.

I didn't realize until I was a teenager and seen this ufo in a book what I seen was real.

This experience changes your life for ever it confuses my thoughts about religion and whats being told to us if it's the whole story. I'm 48 now and always think about this experience I always look up at a starry night and think about this.


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* Webmaster's note: Bob Barker hosted the tv show between 1956-1975 so it is possible the sighting was a couple of years previous or the show was in re-run that evening.

** Duration of sighting is listed as 6 hours as the encounter began roughly 6pm and ended at midnight which could denote missing time which is reported in some UFO cases.