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Calvert NFLD UFO July 13th, 2015


UFO details report: On Monday, July 13, 2015 my mother, my 2 daughters and myself were driving the Southern Shore Highway.   It was late and my daughters were asleep.  I was driving and I noticed an orange glow in the sky off on the distance so I slowed down and said to my mother,"what's that in the sky, it looks like a flare.  I wonder of someone set off a flare and need help."  My mom looked up and she saw it too.  As we both looked up, the flare was not a flare as we were embraced by a huge orange haze, and a giant object just hovering over the van.  It had bright lights on the front, it made no sound whatsoever, and it had some kind of legs on either side.  It was facing us.  My mom and I were frightened as she asked me if I had ever seen anything like it before driving this road,(which I drive often), and I said NO NEVER. And then she side, " you know what that is right? "  although I knew what she was going  to say, I just said "no what?"  And of course, she gave me the answer in knew she would, " a UFO", she said. As she told me to not slow down but to keep driving. I was intrigued and frightened all at the same time.  I kept driving and my mom kept looking back until we were far enough away from this unidentified flying object.

I was in shock, trying to stay focused on the dark road in front of me, sweaty palms, holding onto the steering wheel as tight as I could.   I wanted to stop and call the police or radio station or someone but I was too scared to stop, it was late, dark and no one around.  And, we were in an area with no cell service.  It was the freakish thing I have ever seen. It was like something I've seen on movies or on TV shows about ufo's.   I never in a million years expected this to happen to me.   And my mother is still shocked about it as well.  Have you heard of other sightings such as the one I told you about?  It was the orange haze and how fast the whole thing happened that freaked us out.  I really wanted to take a picture but my mom and I were too scared to slow down or stop to do so.


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