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Labrador city NLFD February 5th 2015 7:30pm

UFO details report: Hi, I witnessed something in the sky that I have never seen before. I was dropping off a co worker at approx.7:30 pm February 05th 2015 in Labrador city Nl at his house.While he was exiting the car he said look at this I looked out through the drivers window and could see a series of lights heading towards us in the distance.I opened my door and got out both of us stood and watched as the objects got closer.There were around 25 to 30 round bright orange objects flying directly over us.The first 15 or 20 were flying in a  v shaped pattern and the rest were in single file spread out one behind the other following.I reached in my car and shut off the engine to see if I could hear any noise but there was none.The objects kept flying until they went out of site.


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Webmaster's Note: We have followed up with the witness who contacted us and he has stated he does not believe these are Chinese Sky Lanterns based on videos of the same. Also see report below.


Additional report added:

UFO details report: Hi, I and my husband saw a series of orange coloured fire ball like objects in the sky of Labrador City at around 7:30 pm on 5 Feb'15. There were about 25 light balls flying in a synchronized pattern (closely above the town). We saw them first from our front door and went out to our drive way to watch them widely and clearly. There was no sound. They were flying from south to north about 3 to 4 minutes and disappeared from the same point. It was an amazing scene, never experienced before.