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British Columbia

The encounter below was reported to us in October 2015, but actually occurred in 2007. The witness says she will never forget that day for the rest of her life.


Fernie BC Source Wiki

Fernie BC Photo Source: Wiki

UFO details report: My co- worker and I decided to escape the August long weekend crowds with a climbing/backpacking trip into a small remote cabin behind the Lizard Range called Thunder Meadows Hut. We had just finished dinner and were enjoying the stars outside on the deck of the hut when I noticed a white oval light on top of the ridge in front of us.  We were in a very dark remote area and so there were no other lights around so it was very noticeable.  It was moving very slowly along the ridge. It didn't have any defined edges or flashing lights and it didn't make a sound. When I asked my friend if he saw it as well, which he did, it changed directions and starting moving slowly the other direction. After a few seconds it seemed to take off quickly down the other side of the ridge and out of sight to us.  I knew what it was immediately and felt like it heard us and saw us.  It was definitely not an airplane/helicopter.  It was too large to be a flashlight of someone on the ridge. I have to admit I was nervous as was my friend and the rest of the evening I was scared to leave the cabin by myself.


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