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British Columbia

May 15th 2013 7:30pm - Chilliwack BC Morphing UFO object


ufo details report: May 2013 I stepped outside to have a smoke, it was dusk and cool out.I always watch the sky while outside smoking due to the many instances where I have seen unusual things. On this night I was looking south towards the mountains from my home near downtown Chilliwack. I saw a translucent pinkish triangle come over the mountain and was heading in my direction. At first I thought it was a large flock of birds, or perhaps a large group of insects but I realized it was moving way too fast to be either, and it was way too far away for me to be able to see it so clearly. The object reached about halfway between the mountains and my home and abruptly changed shape, it was now cylindrical.The morph in shape was so smooth, so crisp, it was like a billion little nanobots moving in unison. The cylindrical shape was flying sideways, not end to almost appeared to be rolling. It was still heading in my direction and that was when I realized the enormity of its size. The object was huge and only getting bigger as it steadily came towards me...It flew directly overhead of me, and was almost the entire block long and approximately 30 feet in diameter. I could swear I could see right through it. The object continued on and I watched it as long as I could. It did not change shape again.


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