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British Columbia

ufo details report: I was sitting in the park in Downtown Peachland after the Canada Day celebrations in 1984. Most people had left but there were a few people still milling about. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something red and turned to look. It was an orb shaped object. It was following the contour of the mountains. At that time the Coquihalla Highway was not built yet so I was perplexed as to what it may be. I continued to watch it along its path. When it came to the end of the mountain it descended and entered Okanagan lake. I sat there for quite some time in disbelief, hoping to see it re emerge....but it never did.


If you held a nickel 10 feet away from you, that would be the size the object was, meaning it was quite some distance away from me. It did not pass in front of anything or allow me a chance to estimate size, speed, etc. But judging by when it went into the lake I would say the size of a regular house.


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