PSICAN - Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada

British Columbia

Victoria BC November 16th 2014 6:30am

UFO details report: I was outside on my deck at 6:30 am November 16th in Victoria British Columbia having a smoke.I noticed one "star" in the sky along with the moon. I was trying to figure out which star would still be out and was so bright when it was starting to get lighter out. Then after about 3 minutes of watching it, it just shot straight up and after about 3 seconds it was not visible anymore. I did notice a very faint orange trail that disappeared behind it. Like it was burning through the atmosphere.It faded within a few seconds. Planes and helicopters don't move like that and they have more than just one light and this didn't move at all for several minutes. And when it did it disappeared almost instantly. I don't know if it was government or alien but it definitely was not a normal air craft. I was shocked and still unsure because I am not a big believer of u.f.o.s or aliens. But I know what I saw and it was not normal.

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