PSICAN - Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada

British Columbia

Surrey BC - April 1st 1997 evening

UFO details report: "Evening of April 1st, 1997. I was leaving the house to go out with some friends and was out in the driveway chatting with a friend of my mothers. They were attending university at that time and she was just leaving for a night of studying with my mother. She wasn't a friend of mine and I really didn't know her very well. No drugs or alcohol had been consumed by any of us that evening.

Horizon of stars were very visible in the night sky above us. We were distracted from our conversation when we noticed the stars began to 'twinkle' and 'flash' repeatedly all across the sky. I had never seen stars go from normal stars to that many flashing stars. We were looking up and across the sky trying to figure out what was causing this to happen when something came into view in the sky behind us.

We were looking West and the object travelled East-to-West so it came up from behind us and overhead. There are certain details about this object which stand out very clear to me but there are also aspects of this sighting that I have a hard time remembering, almost as if I dreamed it. The two of us said to each other numerous times "You can see this too, right?".

The object was gigantic and seemed to be travelling quite low and far too slow for any aircraft I had experienced in person. It was shaped like a wide arrowhead. Not quite an isosceles triangle because the rear of the craft was curved outwards, not a distinct flat line. I do not recall any lights on this vessel whatsoever. It was really only visible by the lights in our driveway and the outline of the ship against the sky.

I do not recall any sound whatsoever coming from the vessel. I have seen commercial airliners come in to land the sound is extremely loud from the engines, this craft had no sound and was too slow and too low for me to comprehend what I was seeing. As the vessel moved over our heads continuing West, we could make out vague details of the underside of the craft. Looked like pipes or channels.

At the risk of losing any credibility, the only remotely accurate way I could describe it would be to imagine looking up at a "Star Destroyer" ship that is so iconic with Star Wars fans. (note- I myself am not even a fan of Star Wars, I had to Google the name of the ship just now.) This is what I mean when I say I could see dim channeled 'metal work' underneath when I looked up.

I am by no means an expert at deciphering air speed or height of a moving craft as I have no flight knowledge. I would describe the speed and distance this way: 1.)If i were to hold up my hand up over my face, I would still see the craft on all sides. It would not come close to fully blocking my vision of it.  2.)As for speed, it would travel the length of my hand (raised over my head and between my line of sight and the craft) in approximately 3-5 seconds.

As the craft continued slowly west and was no longer overhead of our property line, the back of the craft lit up white and it flew high and north before vanishing."

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