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Calgary February 23rd 2015 UFO Report


ufo details report: I was walking home half a block from my street. ( between 38 & 40st and 10th ave sw calgary ab) It was maybe 10:55 pm. I was being cautious looking around. I looked up and saw 5 objects i thought were meteorites flying north/ north west above me. What appeared from the ground 15 ' apart in a line one after another. They were bright white in colour with tails trailing behind. I search for my phone to take a picture and they started to disappear as i desperately tried to get a picture. I managed to focus in and take two quick pictures of one of them before they disappeared. It was not until i had another good look at the pictures there appears to be a faint object with lights in the distance behind them. It was incredible and im sure my phone camera is a piece of junk but i'm curious if anyone else seen them tonight.

The first photo shows lights in question and bottom image does not contain them


Calgary UFO Report Image One


Calgary UFO Report Image Two


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