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St Albert, Alberta New Year 2015 UFO Sighting 11:45pm December 31st 2014

UFO details report:
Smoking a cigarette on my driveway in deer ridge neighborhood of St. albert, ab when I noticed a light not quite zig zagging but not going straight in the sky to the north. It was the colour of an orange street light. It was going at a steady pace then would slow down not to a stop but noticeably slower. I watched it continue over my house and go south, disappearing quite quickly, but not for the lack of view due to the houses or the weather, as the sky was quite clear. It just seemed to go fast. My phone was inside, but I didn't even think of it till after the light disappeared.    Then, on almost the exact same path, a second light appeared exactly like the first, following the first one on the same path almost. There was a plane flying by to the west heading south at the exact same time, so he also must have noticed it. Time was around 1145 on December 31, 2014. And no, I'm not hammered. I heard the plane in distance when second light was going over, turned and visually saw plane. (Flashing red lights and distant sound) Neither of the two lights made even a sound, it was oddly quiet throughout the neighborhood. Positive, I didn't get sounds or colours mixed up between what I saw and the plane in the west. I've never in my life seen that bright orange of a light fly that steady in the sky.. But I've seen lots of planes, helicopters, balloons and whatever else I can usually have an explanation for....

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