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MD Opportunity Alberta December 29th, 2014 at 7:40AM

UFO details report: On the Morning of December 29th, 2014 at 7:40AM, as we were leaving Wabasca AB towards Athabasca AB, a cluster of lights was spotted ahead of us just above the tree line. The driver asked the passenger in the front seat if that tower was new, at which point they slowed down to observe the bright lights. Upon slowing down the Unidentified object began moving towards the direction we came from and a loud plane like noise could be heard. After realizing the object had been hovering above the tree line before continuing to move the two in the front became alarmed and informed the rest of the passengers in the truck. We slowed to a stop in an attempt to identify the object which could barely be made out in the dark of morning. While stopped to observe the object we watched through open windows. The object appeared to have 2 red lights and several white ones, all very bright. The outline of the object appeared to be very angular in shape. The object moved passed us at a slow pace above the tree line to our left. As it slowly disappeared behind us it seemed to descend behind the trees. We turned around after losing sight of the object. We followed until we were in sight of a large clearing that the object should not have been able to be passed at its speed. There were no lights visible and upon listening no sounds either.  

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