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Wabamun AB September 6th 2014 1:30pm

UFO details report:
"Me and my daughters were at Wabamun Lake enjoying the afternoon at the beach, when in the distance above the trees I seen these 3 hovering objects. I showed my daughters ages 17 and 18, who watched in bewilderment. Not able to explain it we just watched. My 17 year old noticed that they were dropping things, many many things that looked liked squares of tin foil. hundreds and hundreds of squares. It hovered for a good minute before approaching above the lake we were visiting. There was about 40 other families there, and no one seen a thing, that we know of that is, but as it hovered above the lake it seemed only the 3 of us were looking up. My daughters mentioned there was absolutely no sound, and the shape was something they have never seen before. We were thinking Military, until they took off. Slow at first, that is when we could see they were almost transparent, then left in what seemed like the blink of an eye. We never believed in anything like this, and my children I "thought" were the biggest skeptical are now left sort of believing, Do you have any explanations? "


In further correspondence the witnesses share the following:

"It was such a nice day, nothing happening on the beach but relaxing families. Except for us.  What we seen will never leave us.  We were actually wanting to go up into the hills and see if we can find any remnants of the silver tin foil things. There were thousands of them falling, what an amazing thing to see, but then when the vehicles hoovering above started to move, that's when we freaked right out, We were pointing, saying OMG Look at that, gasping, and almost yelling, but no one around us responded to us, it was like there was no sound.  Like we, only my daughters and I lost our minds, right there on the beach.

When the things flew away we were outta there, and we still talk about it today.  We figured that we would go back, due to how long the crafts were hoovering over the tree tops dropping stuff, the whole thing took about 4 minutes which a long time considering your eyes are bulging out at what your seeing, you can't breath because your afraid your kids will see you panic,  and no one around you is seeing this.  I know we didn't all go crazy that day at the beach, but I have no possible explanation on what that was except for UFO's.  Well this was nothing like the movies, but we sure are believers now!!  I will never doubt the unknown, ever ever again.  I would love to get together with the others and compare stories, see if there is anything common, maybe hike around and see if we can find the reason why they are coming to this location.   but as for what they are dropping... It looked exactly like tinfoil falling from 3 almost boomerang arch looking, bright shiny objects hoovering, then moving. but not together, which was THE FREAKIEST PART!! Not attached at all, moving so fast in sync yet so definitely flown separately, you could see the other vehicles moving slightly differently then the other.  Are the other stories almost like ours?  We are bewildered, shocked and have no idea what to think.  Thank you for your help, and of course understanding.  We just didn't know who to tell, or where to go from here."


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