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Diamond Shaped UFO Bowman - June 9th 2012 approx 9-9:30pm


The witness writes: 

"I was in Bowman, Quebec near Val des Bois last night and seen something I've never seen before.  While I was looking in the sky around 9:10-9:30 pm, after the bingo at the Camping Ideal.  At the corner of my eye when I was going for paper for the fire-pit, it seemed like something was falling out of the sky.  When I stopped and looked up it seemed like a diamond shape with either lights or flames in the centre of it being supported by some weird shape and it also the way it moved was from side to side. The light or the flames where so bright and so clear.  I yelled at the neighbour and my 10 year old son to look up and tell me what it was.  The way it moved there is noway it was a plane or a weather balloon, satellite, helicopter or anything else.  We saw it for approximately 3 minutes before it went or flew and disappeared behind a cloud.  I have no idea what it was and was wondering if anyone else was looking at the sky last night at that time. It was pretty cool to see and at the same time would like to know what it was.  Could it be, would it be, someone please let me know what it was."

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