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Ile-Perrôt Quebec, July 30th 2011 11:40pm


"Saturday July 30th 2011,11:40 pm. (UFO following satellite) Ile-Perrôt, Qc I had decided to go outside on my deck before going to bed and was amaze by the beauty of the sky, so I decided to stay and put my head back on the chair to admirer the night sky.The air was fresh and the sky was so clear and full of stars, I spotted a satellite right on top of me going North-East towards Montreal, I have seen so many satellites since my childhood, a little game I play with friends and family,I always spot them first! While watching the satellite I also saw another light behind it, that was odd because they were pretty close to each other and going in the same direction, never I have seen to satellites being so close except for last year. So I kept looking at them closely and notice that the second object was slowing down a bit getting a bigger gap between them, than it stop, it started to move again still following the satellite and it slowed down again creating a bigger gap, than it continued and for a third time it stop again but this time it started to go in a different direction, it was heading directly South for a minute, flashing in and out, than it just vanish. The whole experience lasted about 5 minutes. Weird and cool I thought! I was wondering if they have 360 degrees cameras on satellites? Can they see it too! and if this is reported often? by whom? because this is the second time I see this happening in a year"


Our thanks to the witness for sharing this report with us.