PSICAN - Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada


We were at our former summer place in Quebec. It was on a river that feeds into the Ottawa River. In the years that we had the place I had seen many questionable activities occurring in the hight sky.

The area is east of Pembroke, Ontario; which is east of Camp Petawawa. Camp Petawawa is an area that covers an large piece of real estate; from the Ottawa river easterly to the Algonquin Provincial Park eastern boundary. Through the Park runs a little used CN rail-line. This area is also the home of Canada's largest radio telescope.

The lights of Pembroke are not bright with light pollution and it is possible to see a fair distance from the top of the hills, around Fort-Coulonge. There always seemed to be more than a fair bit of night flying going on in that area. The aeroport in Pembroke could handle large planes, and was very visible from all four sides. It operates on VFR.

There are two small electric generating stations in this area; owned by a private concern from Philadelphia.

One afternoon we were inside our cottage, which was down-stream from one of the electric generating stations. For some reason there was a lot of helicopter traffic in that area; this was not uncommon as it was always thought to be the soldiers from Camp Petawawa who were training.

We heard something go 'whoosh' past us. My children and I thought we had missed a low level jet flight. We went out side and we went to the river bank arriving in time to see one of the infamous 'black helicopters' go racing by at about treetop level. A second was flying above the trees. The doors of these birds were closed, the pilots and their co-pilots ignored the kids as they jumped up and down waving. There were no identifying marks, it was painted all black with the back windows covered in the black stuff people put on their car windows. These guys were in a real hurry chasing something.

After this incident, my daughter said that those same type of craft fly over her school. She told me that they come from the west, the  direction of the Pickering Complex, get to around the location of her school, then they head south across Lake Ontario. Since then I have noticed this happening too. Though in the last two years, there have been no sightings in our area near Toronto.

Our thanks to the witness for sharing this experience with us