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Hi, i live on the South Shore of Montreal, so the skies are much clearer than in the city.  My sighting happened this summer in July, i cant remember the exact date.  It was approximately 2 am & i had been hanging out with two of my friends in my hot tub.  As we were drying ourselves & about to go inside, i felt compelled to look up at the sky.  I was looking at a small cloud, nearest to myself when it slowly began to glow a bright green.  I could clearly see that the source of the light was from the centre of the cloud as it was much brighter there and it emanated from that point.  For about ten seconds i reckon, i just stared dumbly, completely stunned.  I couldn't talk so i tapped my friend on the shoulder & pointed at the cloud.  He didst talk either & we both just stared at it for about another 20 seconds.  My other friend is nearly blind so i didn't even bother to get his attention.  Well anyways, after about 30 seconds of watching this, the light slowly dissipated back towards the center & as soon as that was done the whole cloud seemed to get sucked inside itself & disappeared.  the only possible explanation for that i came up with is that if it was indeed a ship, that it taking off rapidly could have sucked the cloud up in the backdraft or something.  This was by far the strangest UFO sighting Ive ever had & by the way i have had two others in my life in the same region; one of a single white light traveling very fast which suddenly greatly intensified then disappeared behind a cloud, the other being 3 white lights the size of stars dancing around each other in amazing synchronization.  I really hope my sightings are of interest to you & can possibly help.  I would be interested to learn if anyone has ever seen anything like the first sighting i have described.  Thank you so much for your time.

Our thanks to the witness for sharing this experience with us