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Written by PSICAN Staff Writer

Western Quebec


Waltham is a village and municipality in the Outaouais region, Quebec


"At aprox. 12:30 [February 18th 2016] am I noticed strange lights in the sky across the river in front of my house. They appeared to be like a florescent blue and red yellow color. The object remained in one place for nearly 25 mins. And then slowly raised higher up in the sky for aprox. 5 mins then slowly again came down lower and remained over the waltham bridge for another 20+ mins. Until it seemed to drift slowly away following the river towards Demers center area. There was no sound at any time to suggest airplane, helicopter or jet. I was unable to get a video or picture with such poor quality camera. Have there been other reports? Im not sure if you typically respond to these messages but I am curious to hear since I stumbled upon a report from 1995 that occurred in the lumber mill yard which happens to be located nearby."



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