PSICAN - Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada

Nova Scotia

Location. Hants County, Nova Scotia, Canada
Date: October 1965 Time: 01:30 a.m.

The witness reporting seeing two hovering saucers, he clearly saw the underside of one saucer as it slowed down overhead before shooting off. He was also being communicated by an unseen “alien” from within the craft standing behind one of the windows on the topside. This window was tinted or darkened. This “communicator” gave the witness a very profound feeling of well-being that is difficult to articulate. According to the witness very important information was given to him by the entity. He is absolutely convinced that he was told by the alien, the source of propulsion of these spacecraft is solar power and it’s mind boggling to him why the scientific community haven’t figured it out for themselves. These craft carry no fuel, are almost soundless and can fly at speeds approaching the speed of light which gives the appearance of disappearing and can change speeds and direction in an instant. He distinctly saw solar panels on the underside of the craft and assumed they were also on the topside.

HC addendum

Our thanks goes out to researcher Albert S. Rosales. Albert collects reports on UFO and other humanoid sightings from around the globe and may be reached at