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Tantallon Christmas Eve UFOs December 24th 2013 10pm UFO report

ufo details report: My family and I were driving home from Christmas Eve festivities (no drinking).  We were traveling from the Peggy's Cove area toward Tantallon, N.S. when we noticed three orange lights in the sky well above the treeline.  This was along the shore in the Glen Haven / Tantallon area.  At first I believed the lights to be on top of extremely tall towers but then one and then a second light disappeared.  I pulled over and exited the car.  We watched the remaining light move toward the direction of Halifax. I could hear no sound. One of the other lights reappeared for a minute and then vanished.  I assume the low cloud cover was concealing the lights.  As we watched two more lights appeared lower down in the sky to the southwest as if they had come from over the horizon.  These lights moved in the same general direction as the first.  We watched as these approached and then noticed three more orange lights appear over the horizon.  None of the lights blinked as aircraft lights normally do.  We pulled away before the lights disappeared.  It was mentioned that perhaps these were aircraft moving toward Shearwater to land but it seems odd that there would be eight aircraft landing there at 10:00pm on December 24th.  As we do not live in the area, that may be the explanation.

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