PSICAN - Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada

Nova Scotia

Dartmouth Nova Scotia July 26th 2012

"Between the hours of 1:45 a.m. and 2:30 a.m. on the Waverly road coming from Dartmouth, a friend and I slightly noticed a strange light in sky.  At first we dismissed it as a helicopter or just the glare of the street lights.  After we passed the corner of Rocky lake road and Waverly road  heading towards Fall River we both started questioning what the the now flare-like light was. I immediately pulled over to get a better look. While pulled over we noticed that it looked like the light that would be produced by a flare but on a larger scale.  It had an orange white-orange glow with darker orange flashing lights.  At this point we didn't know what to think and my passenger began to get anxious.  Thinking nothing of the lights I insisted we stay longer to investigate and watch and take pictures.  After my first photograph of the light a purplish-blue pulse of light emanated from the hovering object 3 times, in no particularly timed pattern.  Following the pulses of light the unidentified object started moving towards us and then changed direction to go towards Dartmouth.  We followed it and parked the vehicle beside the post office on Rocky Lake road. As we sat there it passed overhead and though it was at quite a decent altitude at this point it produced a sound like that of an exhaust fan.  Throughout the sighting the object seemed to be moving parallel to my vehicle until we pulled over and it hovered in distance over the treetops, pulsed and then, as mentioned before,left towards Dartmouth.  We immediately drove home.  My friend dismissed it as some type of new helicopter for a couple minutes, but I felt uneasy about it all. I searched for UFO sightings in the HRM area and found some that featured almost the exact same descriptions.  This made us go back out again from 2:45 until 3:10.  We went towards Dartmouth again and towards the end of the Waverly road we saw the strange light again.  At this point it was clear that it was not some type of meteor like suggested in the articles from   the past months.  This Time the object started coming towards us again and then suddenly changed directions and quickly and quietly moved across the sky towards fall river until we could no longer see it over the tree tops.As an added note, my friend distinctly remembers that the object's lighting lit up the sky brightly. It had a big reflection on the lake."

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