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Map of location



Shape of objects seen: 4 cyliners laid sideways and joined together by rectangles with slight concave curves on the top and bottom.


Colour of object: Glowing bright red/orange (like when the sun is on the horizon).  Note: Although it was glowing like the sun, it didn't burn or leave "after image"


Number of lights seen: Glowing orange/red all over, but 4 distinct red circular lights (1 on each cylinder flat portion)



UFO  details report: Around 2002 +/- 3 years (currently 2016) I witnessed a UFO with a bunch of friends in St. John's, NL.  We were playing hacky sack on Mt. Scio Pl. (a small cul de sac found on the side of an overpass and near a small protected wetland).  Before I get into it.. yes I'm aware how crazy this all sounds, but I know what I seen and I will try and describe it as accurately as I can fro it being so long ago.I guess I just happened to be looking in the right place at the right time.  Just above the treeline (which is on the other side of a four way divided overpass) a UFO became visible for a brief period.  The whole UFO didn't become visible at the same time, visually it looked like the UFO moved "out" from behind the sky (the front end becoming visible first, then the rest of the UFO appearing at the same line as in moved forward), the opposite occurred as the UFO was about halfway over the highway and "disappeared"/"moved behind the sky".  I have tried over the years to find a report with a similar "event" but I can't find any that describes it like that.  So best I can figure, either it was a cloak that was turned off (or interfered with), or it was moving between wormholes/dimensions.  If you have a better explanation I'd love to hear it!  It was late in the evening but still a fairly clear blue sky, the UFO was close enough for me to see clear details.  It wasn't a disk like you see in movies, it was four cylinders laying on their sides (front end being the curves and the flat circles on the sides).  The round sides of the cylinders were almost touching, they were attached to each other by rectangular pieces which had concave top and bottom instead of being flat.The UFO glowed bright orange-red all over (similar in colour and brightness of the sun when it dips really low in the sky, but without a burning sensation or afterimage from seeing something so bright).  In the centre of the flat side of each cylinder was a bright red circle which glowed like the rest of the craft but was distinctly fully red in colour.It was only visible for a brief few seconds but because it was so close I was still able to see those details.  It wasn't travelling too fast, I estimate it around 30-60kph.  Hard the gauge the speed accurately since it was only visible briefly moved such a short distance then it vanished.As you can imagine I don't tell many people about this for fear of being carted off to the loony bin.  But thought I would share my encounter.  UFOs are real and they could very well be right in front of you without you seeing or hearing a thing.


The witness has kindly provided information on the location and a sketch of the object. Please click on the images below and each will open a full size version in a new window. 


UFO sketch


Location thumb



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