NFLD & Labrador

The following experience was sent to us in August 2015, but it happened in October 1968


UFO details report: October 1968 Friday night.Just got off the bus at lewisporte from college and found my dad at the local legion, where I could get a seven km ride home.It was a heavy rain all day.We left around 8pm to go home and it was very dark with no street lights or houses all the way.My dad was asleep when I noticed it was getting really light out.I woke my dad and he thought someone was behind us ready to pass in car. Then the car shut down.No lights and no egnition.I remember there was no rain on us but really heavy all around.I could see the water shining on the pavement and it was really bright out.After I think about five minutes the light disappeared and it was dark and noisy from the rain hitting the car.My dad finally spoke and said try the ignition,and it started and we went home.Dad phoned the RCMP in lewisporte and a corporal Gallant I believe came and took our info. This occurred on Route 340 between Lewisporte & Michael"s Harbour.

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