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Clarenville Newfoundland October 1978


"An RCMP constable here says he stared in disbelief for more than an hour late last week as an unidentified flying object hovered 2,000 to 3,000 feet above a nearby island.

The Mountie, who for obvious reasons wanted to remain anonymous, said yesterday that he studied the saucer-shaped object from the detachment office, using a high-powered telescope on a tripod.

The constable said he made the sighting about 2 a.m. after receiving a telephone call from a resident reporting a strange object in the sky. He said the object, moving about five times faster than an airplane would, had flashing blue lights at either end and a flashing red and white light in the middle.

The constable, a former skeptic who has become a true believer in UFOs, said a fellow Mountie made a similar sighting about a week earlier and the report on both incidents has been filed with the National Research Council in Ottawa and with the North American Air Defence Command.

Clarenville, a community of about 3,000, is about 200 kilometres west of St. John's"


Original Source: UFO sighting makes mountie 'true believer'. (1978, Oct 31). The Globe and Mail.


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