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NFLD & Labrador

When I was about fifteen my cousin and I were camping with our family's at Terra Nova National Park in Newfoundland , maybe around ten pm we were in the play area sitting on the swing set in section G of the Newman sound campground we were looking at the stars and we noticed what looked like a shooting star at first it looked like it was shooting down then it almost immediately start to shoot strait towards us still looking like a shooting star but getting closer and moving fast and bright then it was gone like nothing happened just gone . My cousin asked me what time it was because we were supposed to meet people by the store before it closed at 11 I checked my watch and it had stopped so we left and walked the ten minutes to the store when we got there they were there but it was twelve and we were an hour late we didn't say any thing just said that we lost track of time cause my watch had stopped we didn't really speak much of it after just later we said it was really weird that we lost track of so much time

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