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NFLD & Labrador

My husband and I were travelling from Bonavista, NL on Sunday, November 11th 2012 at approx. 6:05 p.m we were on Route #230 just west of Melrose when we noticed a bright light blinking amongst the trees as we travelled the route. The light appeared just above the tree line and it was like a strobe light it was bright white and appeared large and moving.My husband thought it was a 4 wheeler with a light on it and I kept telling him that it was above the tree line, we followed it slowly (40 mph) it was a short distance from the highway, but definitely close enough to for us to visibly see it.The light kept blinking on for about 1 second and about 5 seconds apart.As we came into Port Rexton you could see the light beyond the houses to the right of Route #230.We were baffled by the incident and not sure what we saw.My husband realized once we got to bread pond that it wasn't a 4 wheeler as nothing was on the track and the light went past the track and continued into the woods. We lost sight of the light around Trinity, it appeared to go deeper into the woods. We did think it might be a helicopter, but it was dark out and we couldn't imagine a helicopter in the area after dark.

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