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January 1st 2012 Approx.12:10am St John's NFLD.

"I live on (exact address removed for privacy) Street, St John's, Newfoundland and tonight, Dec.31st 2011, I was watching fireworks from my street in front of my house. As the fireworks were over, I saw one light in the sky coming from the place of fireworks on Quidi Vidi. The light looked like the light of the plane height in the sky and first, I thought it was a plane with all its lights on for the 1st of January. But something was wrong ; the light was a mixture of red and yellow, I couldn't say and even now, it's difficult to say the colour.The light moved from right to left in front of me,high in the sky, then, suddenly it was followed by others lights... of the same type, same colours, same distance ; the speed was the speed of a regular plane high in the sky. Then the lights stopped, 4 lights forming a kind of square, and two or three behind...they didn't move for few seconds, the time for me to take my camera, but I couldn't do anything with my camera. Then the lights moved on the left and disappear behind a cloud and an other light came behind the others, at the same distance,at the same speed than the other lights. The last light went also behind the clouds. I tried to see something, but I didn't see anything after that. (I can report in french because my English is very poor, but I don't think I could say more ; it was strange, unexpected, and I was very surprised. I called my daughter, who, unfortunately is sick tonight and stayed in bed when I asked her to come and see what I was seeing.I hope other citizens in St John's have seen what I have seen. "

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Update. We received a follow-up message from the witness:

"My son, being with his friends for the fireworks in St John's,at midnight for the new year, told me he also saw the lights in the sky. According to him and his friends, the lights were Chinese light burning in the sky. The colors are similar : orange and yellow. That explanation is credible, as there are a lot of new things on the market now. I thank you again for your interest, and your prompt answer."