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British Columbia

Written by PSICAN Staff Writer

Red Ball UFO Harrison Lake British Columbia May 2011


"It was lower than the peaks of the mountains in the distance, but way above the lake so it looked like a red ball."


Duration of sighting: Minutes from 1 to 5, maybe longer it was years ago.


UFO details report: May 21st 2011 I believe is the date of the sighting.  It was May long weekend and my friends and I were camping at Harrison Lake, British Columbia.  Hundreds of people lined the beach and all campgrounds were full.  I was mixing a drink when I heard people freaking out and gasping.  I turned around to see a huge red ball glowing and moving over the lake.  I instantly thought it could be a flare, but it was not falling in altitude, and no smoke.  It continued to move over the lake as if observing the giant party that was happening below with hundreds of people.  It then came to a stop, and was stationary for a bit.  It blinked and disappeared.  I again heard people freak out.  All I could think is where is my damn phone I wish I could record this.  So many people saw it and I find no reports online.  When I bring it up with my friends they say they don't want to talk about it.  My one friend who went to christian school (and is not a christian anymore) was up the hill at his truck praying, because it was the supposed rapture day according to that Harold Camping guy.  I still bring it up to them as much as I can to mess with them, but I seriously want to hear someone elses account of the event.  Hundreds of people watched this.




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