PSICAN - Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada

British Columbia

Date: July 29 1977 Time: 2245 Location. Near Harrogate, British Columbia

Joseph Randall Murphy had been working for the Canadian Pacific Railway in Glacier National Park and was driving his 1964 Pontiac station wagon along a remote stretch of Highway 95 between Golden and Radium. He was heading south to visit his mother in Invermere and was in the vicinity of the small town of Harrogate when a black pristine early model Cadillac suddenly traversed the highway from east to west directly in front of him.

It was very dark and there was no other traffic on the highway, because the Cadillac traversed the road perpendicular to his car, his headlights, which were set on high beam, shone directly into the wide side windows of the Cadillac, illuminating the interior and passengers. He saw three strange men inside the vehicle in total, two in the front and one in the rear passenger seat.

Even though it was a pitch black night, all three of them were dressed in black overcoats and were wearing black hats and sunglasses. The driver was concentrating intently on the wheel, a dull purple glow from the dashboard illuminating his face. The front passenger was looking out his side window and he looked directly at Murphy as the Cadillac sped by. His face was pasty white, somewhat drawn, intense and expressionless. Murphy felt as though they had made eye contact. A third entity was seated in the rear passenger side. He was turning his head toward Murphy in a sort of robotic manner and he barely had time to spot Murphy as the Cadillac rocketed past.

None of them were in a state of panic or out of control; as if this was the sort of thing they were used to.

The last he saw of the Cadillac was its red tail lights fading into the depths of the valley below, leaving a mist of some kind in its wake. The sighting only lasted about three seconds, but as is commonplace in automobile accidents, the event seemed to happen in vivid slow motion detail. Murphy jammed on his brakes to avoid what would have otherwise been a certain collision. The Cadillac missed him by only inches and he stopped the Pontiac to get out and inspect the scene.

The mist the Cadillac had left in its wake was dissipating and there wasn’t a sound to be heard except the Pontiac idling on the side of the highway. There was no sign of the Cadillac and to Murphy’s surprise there was no road intersecting the highway either. On the east side of the highway was a dense forest that rose up the mountain side and on the west side was a steep grade that continued down into the valley. He could see the trail of mist that the Cadillac had left behind descending low over the bush and between the trees into the darkness.

Fearing some kind of freak accident he backed up the Pontiac and aimed it’s headlights down the grade as far as he could. He also turned off the engine to listen for any faint sounds. However there were no sounds or sights other than the trail of mist which soon evaporated into the air leaving no trace of what had just occurred. He continued to check for evidence to explain what had just occurred, but there was nothing to be found. There were no tire tracks on either side of the road, no broken or flattened vegetation, no skid marks, no lights, no flames, nothing.


Source: Albert S. Rosales - Researcher