PSICAN - Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada

British Columbia

January 13th 2014 Kamloops BC 9:45


ufo details report: My Girlfriend and I just got home from going to extra foods.. we live on the north shore Kamloops BC.. My Girlfriend joking says look there's a UFO... I look up into the sky and see a bright was red and had a white outer glowing light surrounding first i said it was a plane but my Girlfriend says no a helicopter.. we both watched it. It kinda was shifting here and there and finally came to a stop like it was hovering.. I asked my Girlfriend if helicopters hover like that.. she said she did not we watched it. The object in a few seconds warped upwards and out of sight and was gone ..we didn't get a video of it. i am not sure i have sum explanation that it could of been a flare or a small plane but the way it moved and the speed it took off reminded me more of a spaceship like in the movies it was real creepy feeling and had a feeling it was watching us..and keeps flashing in my mind of what i saw..


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