PSICAN - Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada

British Columbia

Vernon BC, August 31st 2013 3:30pm

The witness writes:

"I was at work and noticed a customer on the lift looking up, so when i gave her her bike she said there was a ufo, I looked up and it was just sitting in the sky, at least a few kilometers away and high in the sky.  It was white and could have been a disk shape, it slowly moved out of sight behind a cloud, and was there for about ten minutes.  But there wasn`t just one ufo, around the large white one there were about ten smaller circular ufo`s behaving in a way which one could call absolute control, one smaller ship came up to the large one and sat there before all the little ones disappeared.  The big one disappeared behind a small cloud which slowly moved in front of it then it dissipated over an hour or so, I work on a Mountain and I was at the top, a few more customers saw it as well.

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