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British Columbia

The witness writes:

"Sighting of August 12, 2013, 11:00-11:30pm Fort Nelson, BC sky watching for meteor shower. Sky was dark and clear, had just gone out and looking up for a few minutes and was actually more stunned than anything at what appeared in the sky just over the roof line.  The craft was completely silent, I assumed it was triangular in shape because of the lights position, three large circular white lights in a triangle shape and one circular red light.  It came over the house from the north and went south in a straight line.  It was going so slowly,( like a small cessna would) and so low, the lights were very bright but on the bottom, the light didn't appear to "shine down" like say your headlights on the car.  Very odd, I had taken my young granddaughter out to see the meter shower and although I wouldn't have left her alone in the dark even for a moment it actually didn't even occur to me to grab my camera, I was simply too amazed, disbelief maybe."

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