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British Columbia

Powell River B.C., Lang Bay area, on the waterfront,where I live with a view of both Texada and Vancouver Island. I was out on my deck, which over looks the ocean. I have seen, both my neighbor and I have seen several sightings over the past few months.We've seen sightings the past three nights and before that it was around March 6th of this year (2013)  also over about 3 days in a row. In the same general area. Always seen off our deck.

What I first noticed was the size the speed and the intense bright orange ball of light. It went up hovered for a bit and went up higher in the sky hovered again..and then traveled towards my direction within seconds it traveled from over Vancouver Island above the waters between Lang Bay and was also completely silent. It moved quickly to the right then up higher to the left and then went straight up into space,That was the first sighting it all happened it what seemed like less then 60 seconds...

They are always lights, usually orange sometimes blue the blue ones are smaller but they all move fast and seem to have the ability to get brighter or dimmer and even have there brightness disappear..with still seeing some type of outline ..

omg this all sounds crazy,  but I know what I seen.. and I am not the only one..It is nothing from this world ..We have nothing that moves with those speeds silently and stops dead hovers moves in any direction and almost seems to have an intelligence to the lights if that makes any sense.

My reaction was I was mesmerized..couldn't believe my eyes and started questioning my own sanity...was very curious and in awe and kinda afraid and questioned my faith.

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