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British Columbia

"My girlfriend, landlord and myself were on our way home from a grocery shop..  We were travelling south on Howard Ave towards Ninth St, which is where we live..  My girlfriend was driving, I was in the passenger seat, and my landlord was behind me.  As we were cruising along, just passing John Barsby Secondary School, this great big bright, white, blue, light, plasma-oval-ball-shaped UFO came from behind us or something, flew over our car about 50 feet above us, fast, silently...almost gracefully...  This thing didn't have distinct edges like any other solid object, it was "plasma-like" with no real distinct edge, although my girlfriend and myself noticed its shape.. This thing flew over our car, and we noticed the size of it compared to the car, it was at least 3-4 times bigger than the car..  It flew over us, then out towards the ocean, where we could see it travelling super fast, and then it disappeared into nothingness.. My girlfriend pulled over, and she was freaking out, I couldn't even comprehend what it was at first because it was so beyond my consciousness before the event.. I mean I've never seen anything like it. Maybe in sci-fi movies/shows but DAM!  Overall, I believe this UFO was of "extra-dimensional" origins.. My opinion, but what else can just appear, travel really fast in a graceful manner, in a plasma like craft, then disappear without a trace?  No smoke lines, no exhaust, nothing of that nature... This was truly eye-opening, and it really changed my consciousness from that point on.. I was aware of more than the "basic" reality most people think about. I believe this event happened for a reason, to let me know that I knew the truth about UFO's and advanced extra dimensional or extra terrestrial life.  I can't wait for them to share their technology with us. I know there is some importance with our consciousness and this whole UFO, alien conspiracy... I just want people to know the truth.  I want the world to become enlightened to the REAL REALITY!  "

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