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British Columbia

 Spruce Lake BC


Spruce Lake, British Columbia, September 11th 2010 approx 4am


The witness writes:

"I was camping in the Spruce Lake area of BC with a group for a few days. On the night of September 11th 2010 I had trouble sleeping. It was cold and raining. At some stage about 4:00 AM I must have drifted of to sleep and woke to a tearing sound, as if a tree was being ripped above my tent. I noticed that someone outside my tent was holding a head lamp close to the entrance. As I became more aware I noticed that I could also see a head near the light. It was glowing and rectangular, like a glowing skull. Ratioing from the tent it would have been about 4 feet tall. Initially I tried to speak and ask who was there, but could not speak or move. Then I observed that I was looking through the tent wall and that there was a soft glow everywhere. This was consistent with seeing with my etheric sight and not my physical eyes. Sorry if this has gotten a bit weird and off base for your site. However my feeling is that this was somehow ET related. When I realized I was seeing something not quite physical I became frightened but then made a conscious decision that this was not the correct way to react. I choose to employ a technique that I use to shut down my emotion centers and this had the effect of causing me to feel as if I were falling. I fell until I was above the clouds looking at slivers of a red dawn (I guess). The falling is a contradiction as when this happens you maintain awareness in both your physical and dream body and the physical feels is it falling because it is being left behind as your etheric / dream body rises. I awoke shortly afterward. My surroundings had returned to normal. There were no lights. I slept well after that. I have had a lot of experience of lucid dreams and some with astral / etheric projection. However this experience surpassed all the others in terms of my conviction that I was experiencing a real event, just offset from the physical plane."


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