PSICAN - Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada

British Columbia

Comox British Columbia Circa 1998 (Exact date/time not remembered)

"I have always been interested by the UFO phenomenon. This is a simple sighting that happened when I was in grade 5 and attending elementary school in Comox in 1998. All I really recall is that my Friend (B) was walking around the schoolyard with me and as we were about to go around the side of the school we noticed what I called a "burning penny." It seemed to be falling from the sky. We didn't really understand what we were looking at but knew we had to tell someone. After about 15 seconds of looking at it, we ran up to the playground supervisor who we knew and said "look at that!" We pointing to the place in the sky were it was but it was gone.  After that we both new what we had seen and tried to explain it by saying maybe it was a meteor or a piece of space debris or even a mirage on a hot day. Things just didn't add up. As I recall, I was just starting to get into UFO's and other mysterious things at that time but that really jump started my curiosity on the subject."

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