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British Columbia

Nanaimo BC UFO Report May 21st 2009 9:45

"I went outside of my residence to have a cigarette when I spotted a large light overhead. It was about 10 times the size of any star or planet in the night sky. It was very bright white and had a slight blue halo around the light. It was traveling directly overhead towards Richmond or Delta BC on the mainland. My first thoughts were that it was a very large low flying jet or search helicopter. But, I soon realized that there was no detectable wind to blow away any sound waves and any sound of a jet engine or helicopter just did not exist. I ran into my house and got my spouse to come outside. By the time we got back outside, the object appeared to be over the Georgia Straight somewhere between Nanaimo and Tsawwassen BC. At that exact time my neighbor came outside to let his dogs out. We asked him if he could see what we are seeing or knew what it could possibly be. With some brief instruction to where the object was he too had no idea of what we were witness to. At that time the object began a slight movement from side to side as it traveled east south-east from Nanaimo. We continued to watch the bright silent object until it appeared to be above the Tsawwassen ferry terminal or somewhere close to Mt. Baker Washington. All of a sudden the object began to turn from the white/blue shade to a red shade. It also began to shrink to total invisibility within a span of 5 seconds.The entire incident lasted approximately 3 minutes. My wife, my neighbor and myself stood totally speechless for at least 30 seconds while our brains collectively tried to rationalize what we just witnessed together. Unable to make any sense of the situation we all somehow just retreated back to our residences with the hair on the back of our necks standing up. Shortly before 11pm that evening, after repeatedly checking the night sky every 10 minutes, I did go out for another cigarette with my spouse. Looking east over the city of Vancouver a slight bit toward the north shore, we noticed a pulsing red light moving north. We watched this oddity for several minutes and witnessed it changing speed of travel multiple times. We watched again in awe for at least 5 minutes until it disappeared behind trees in front of our residence.My spouse and I have no idea what we witnessed in the late evening of May 21st 2009. My neighbor refuses to speak of the event."

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