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July 15th 2014 12:01am

UFO details report: I've made a couple reports in the last month while doing my security rounds at work and on Tuesday, July 15th I seen another strange light in the Edmonton skies. I was on 100ave - 178st nw at 12:01 am (facing north) when i seen a bright light heading eastward in the north sky (about 1/2 - 3/4 mid sky).. it was 3 times bigger and brighter than the stars around it and made no noise. i only seen it for about 10-15 seconds before it faded away. I've seen these strange lights many times over the last year and they seem to appear between 11:45pm - 12:05 am and also around 12:30 am - 12:45am... I mostly see them in the southwest - western skies but I have seen them twice recently in the north sky

July 19th 2014 11:30pm

UFO details report: Stepped out onto my friends downtown balcony at night (with a clear view of edmonton south of the river) and immediately noticed 3 staggered lights traveling across the sky in the same direction.The top light was clearly a plane with the telltale blinking lights and steady speed. The 2nd light, which was below the plane was a little bit behind the plane and was a solid white but had a faint hazy look.The 3rd light was at the very bottom and was more in line with the plane, sort of underneath it.My first thoughts were that it was really strange for 3 planes to be traveling so close together. Just as I had that thought the lowest light darted forward with tremendous speed and it was well ahead of the other 2 lights. The 2nd light then darted forward but not as fast as the other one. The plane kept going at it's constant speed. The bottom light then accelerated really fast and disappeared. The 2nd light lingered for a bit and started moving faster and disappeared. The plane kept traveling across the sky until out of sight.It all happened so fast. There were 4 of us on the balcony but only 2 of us saw it all happen. I did pull out my iphone and thought I had maybe caught the second light on video before it vanished but turned out the whole time i thought i was recording I actually wasn't so when i went to stop the video is when i actually started recording

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Update September 21st 2014

The witness writes:

"I seen another strange light in Edmonton (179st - 100ave area) . I first seen a very faint light floating from the northwest to southwest in mid sky (tues 16th sept - at approx. 555am) in a curving "c" pattern.. then it disappeared. After a couple minutes another light appeared where the first one disappeared and it was 3 times brighter then the stars around it and then it headed from the southwest to eastward direction and floated very slowly for about 10 minutes without any sound towards the downtown area before i lost sight of it (around 605-610am)since the sun was just coming up in that direction"