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UFOs Myrnam Alberta

UFO details report: Myrnam Alberta, late spring 2012,approx 8:45pm. I was coming out of a building we own in the centre of Myrnam across from our Post Office we I looked up at a beautiful clear night to see if I could see the stars when I noticed 3 red lights in the shape of a triangle kind of blinking/twinkling.I stood watching for approx 5 minutes and the lights stayed in one spot I knew it didn't move because it was right above the house next door in line with their chimney.I went back inside our hall and got my husband and 10 yr old daughter to come take a look and when they came out and looked up at these lights I noticed they had switched position-instead of a right side up triangle it was now an inverted triangle.My family and I stood and watched these lights for at least another 10-15 minutes and it stayed in the same position the entire time.Then I looked over to my right which would be across the street and above the post office roof and say another st of lights but this one was in a straight line with one large light in the middle and 2 smaller lights one on either end. these lights were also blinking. There was no noise coming from either sets of these lights and we decided to go to our house after watching these things for approx a half an hour total because we were getting quite cold standing outside.We could see the lights in our mirror of the van til we rounded the corner of our street 2 1/2 blocks away.At first I wondered if it was some sort of aircraft or even the space station but it neither moved or made any sound so I dismissed those ideas.We weren't really scared when we saw the lights but the longer we stood there watching them the more nervous I began to feel.

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