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Lloydminster UFO Report November 24th 2013 hour: 3-6

UFO details report: I was with my best friend going for a ritual drive around the city. The sun was still up, but it was getting close to sunset. We were on the west side of town (lloydminster ab) when we noticed the "first star" of the evening. But it was so bright, brighter than the ISS. It was located In a south west direction, and seemed like it was really close, maybe in the atmosphere. We didn't think anything of it and went home to eat. Later on, probably an hour later. (Now dark outside) My brother calls from work and said that him, and all his co-workers could see this star type thing really low in the sky, in the south west. They said it was moving side to side and was "flickering". I told my best friend and we both wanted to go check it out. So we go. And we follow it, out of town to this small farm yard, which takes us about a half hour to finally get to it.. It was in the atmosphere for sure, low enough to be a light on a post, but it wasn't.. It was some type of UFO! All we could see, is it's brightness though. Couldn't make out any kind of vehicle because it was so illuminated. The light was a very bright yellowish color, and very big. We were both very confused on what it could've been.. We sat for a while and watched it, and it was moving for sure, side to side, flickering it's lights like a candle flame.. We eventually came back home, with still no clue what it really was, but we know it was an unidentified flying object. My brother continued to watch it, while he was at work. And eventually it flew away, towards the horizon, "going down" he said.

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