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Written by Susan Demeter-St.Clair
October 2010
Since adding this page to the website we have received several emails from people who have suggested that these symbols may in fact be migraine aura symptoms. Here is one example:
"The article entitled 'Have you seen these symbols?' may provide an insight regarding migraine auras. If you look at the migraine research done by Dr. Podoll and the illustrations in Wikipedia 'Aura Symptoms' you will find similar patterns. I have been bothered by migraine auras for over fifty years and can fully appreciate the need to make sense of the patterns. The common zig-zag patterns could easily be interpreted as letters or numbers. The migraine may produce auras'hallucinations', tinnitus, affect the senses of smell and taste and cause other phenomena. Differentiating between the induced states and reality is the real challenge."   Ray
Below is an artist interpretation of what a zig-zag pattern visual distubance due to migraine aura can be like:
zig-zag visual disturbance that is a migraine aura
Zig-Zag pattern during migraine aura

I am a migraine sufferer with aura, and while I can see why this may be the case or plausible for some I do not think the experiences described in the article are migraine related. - Susan Demeter St. Clair