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Jorma Hogbacka always knew he'd win the lottery. He just never quite knew when. The reason: a psychic told him he would.

Whoever that seer was, he can now afford to give him a big tip for his services. The 60 year-old former welder was confident that one day his numbers would come up. On Saturday they did.

And on Monday, he claimed $14,817,318, a third of the $44 million Lotto 6/49 jackpot drawn on the weekend.

"Oh yeah, I knew I'm going to win and I didn't know which day I was going to win ... Everything was in place that was supposed to happen."

It's not clear when he talked to that medium but his date with destiny was a long time coming. He's been playing the lottery for 25 years. He's already got plans for the money, including sharing it with family and friends.

And there's one other group that's about to get the biggest gratuity of their lives - if he can find them. Hobacka always vowed if he ever won the top prize, he'd share it with five employees of the local Tim Horton's in St. Catharines.

"There was five girls working down there and I promised when I win the big money I'd give each one of them $30,000."

He plans to honour that vow. The problem: they don't work there anymore. But for a man with such a newly fattened bank account, he doesn't expect that will be a problem and expects they may well find him.

Hogbacka may be the first lucky victor in the big draw but he won't be the last. Two other winners have yet to come forward - and both of those tickets were sold right here in the GTA.

Originally published $14 Million Lotto Winner Says Psychic Told Him He'd Win  January 26th 2009


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