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As The Conjuring 2 is in current (as of April 2014) litigation and may never see the light of day, the current homeowners of the house (at the time of this publication April 26th 2014) depicted in the book House of Darkness, House of Light by Andrea Perron and the major motion picture The Conjuring has come forward with intensive research on the home and the alleged hauntings.

In a video posted to Youtube, current owner Mrs. Sutcliffe exposes the history of the home and her past involvement with the TV show Ghost Hunters. Here she explains that Caroline Perron, Andrea Perron and The Warrens had made up the story entirely. She also explains and hints that she may be pursuing a lawsuit of her own for exposing her personal information and house that has been besieged by thrill-seekers and paranormal enthusiasts.

Friends of The Warrens suggest that Mrs. Sutcliffe may be under demonic influences and trying to hide the truth from the public. Andrea Perron has yet to comment publicly about the evidence presented by Mrs. Sutcliffe.

Here is the video in its entirety, that gives yet another side of the story:




This should be a cautionary story to homeowners who live in reportedly haunted houses. Once paracelebrities engage in your story and television and film studios are presenting your home on the small and large screens, there is no going back. Even today, The Amityville House, located on Long Island, New York, is visited by thrill seekers, and that case has been widely accepted to be a fraud.

Mrs. Sutcliffe has interacted with Andrea Perron on many occasions and filmed interviews were she indicated she had witnessed paranormal activity on the property. She also called TAPS and allowed for the Ghost Hunters to do an entire episode on the case. She explains herself on the video and why she had interacted with Andrea Perron and other ghost hunters. Take a look at the video, and judge for yourself what the truth may be.