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The witness writes:
"I rented a small house probably built in the 50's and lived alone there for 6 months in 2006. I was woken up regularly with that "sleep paralysis" thing in the middle of the night and witnessed dark shadows in the doorway of my bedroom. On other occasions at the same time, I would get a tingly sensation of someone laying down behind me in my bed. I sensed that someone was there rather than "just tingling".
I somehow knew it was a woman. To make it go away I recited an exorcism prayer in my head (I couldn't speak) I also had a friend sleep over in the living room and they reported the room illuminated at 2-5 am.....with lights off and all blinds closed. They sensed something was there as well. I also heard footsteps upstairs while doing laundry in the basement and ran upstairs to see no one there. I often sensed it in the day when alone, and prayed they would find where they need to be. I also sensed from them they were troubled and something bad happened...but did not try to find out too much. I made them keep their distance..but wished them well.
When I moved to a new place across town, it followed me and woke me up on only two occasions before stopping completely up to this date (2012). It gave me a specific message (in my paralysis state) to keep away from a specific person in my life.---->the strange thing was, the owner of the house I was renting often asked if there was anything wrong with the house in a strange way. And pointed out how the previous tenants left in a hurry (some of their stuff was still there). I brushed a lot of it off as sleep paralysis at the time......but years later (now) I believe it to be real. Nothing with anything near that intensity had happened before or after that house.

I have a feeling it was some family members that had bad experiences in the house at one point. I can't explain how, but it felt like they were related. There were at least 2 or 3 of them. A man, a woman, and someone younger. I can only speculate there was some kind of molestation or abuse situation that occurred there because of the family connection I felt they had with each other along with the laying down behind me. And of course the feeling that something was wrong.....always wrong. As well as the "male" shadow peering in my bedroom doorway.
The wiring was replaced before I rented it, so I don't think the emf rating was the cause."
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