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"In the late 1930s, a bizarre phantom light hovering at Tabor Cemetery near Esterhazy captivated the entire province, with extensive coverage by newspapers and radio. A floating, glowing orb -- and with it a chill to the air -- first terrified a woman riding home past the cemetery on horseback after a bridge party, and then, a few years later, frightened a young boy walking to a pal's place. Soon the cemetery attracted evening crowds -- parties, really -- emboldened by numbers, and by moonshine, and hoping to catch a glimpse of the notorious light. "The Tabor Light was sometimes described as a ball of fire, slightly reddish or pinkish in color, and occasionally flickering," wrote Christensen. "Witnesses always said the glow appeared to be directed inward; the light never illuminated the surrounding area ... and it would either dance among the trees skirting the cemetery, or speed along the road that ran past it."

Debate raged throughout Saskatchewan. Phosphorous gases from rotting trees? The souls of the buried? Tabor Cemetery was founded at the turn of the century by a settlement of decidedly atheist pioneers, and a priest later came forward with the story of how in 1905 he prayed for the salvation of a little girl buried there against the wishes of her Christian mother, and how he asked for a sign from God. Was "Old Faithful," as locals came to call the light, merely an owl or other large bird with luminous wings? The ghost of a local murder victim, by poisoning, in 1908? Heat lightning? A foreshadow of doom, of the worsening Great Depression? Swamp gas?"

To this day, the Tabor Light theories, both scientific and supernatural, compete to be the plausible explanation.

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Source:  Regina Leader Post S-s-scary S-s-saskatchewan October 30th 2006

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