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"Sinnet is itself a ghost town, near Lanigan, or is at least unpopulated by the living. The town is no longer on the map, but the six-mile stretch of country road that bears its name has become legendary, wrote Jo-Anne Christensen in her compilation Ghost Stories of Saskatchewan (1995, Hounslow Press). "It seems throughout its history, Sinnet Road has been taking people to destinations truly unknown."

It is a terrifying trip. In the late 1930s, a local fellow, arriving on foot to a poker game, so shaken he could barely speak, told of an encounter with a figure he thought to be friend. As he approached it, the image exploded skyward into a huge fireball. In the 1970s, a teenager returning home from a high school volleyball practice caught a large hairy creature in the headlights of his car. Many motorists have described pulling over on narrow Sinnet Road for an oncoming automobile, only to have its headlights suddenly vanish."

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Source:  Regina Leader Post S-s-scary S-s-saskatchewan October 30th 2006

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