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"Near Rosetown, is the long-haunted community of Brickleigh. In 1938, two terrified sisters back from a moonlit sleigh ride first told of an encounter with a ghostly horse and rider galloping through the night, but silently. Over the years, other residents reported similar sights, along with weird visitations, such as mysteriously opened windows, moved furniture, creaky floors and the like. In 1982 a farmer reached down to pick what he thought was a white rock on his field, only to turn over a human skull. The skull, part of an incomplete skeleton, was identified by RCMP and University of Saskatchewan anthropologists as that of a 25-year-old male, dead some 60 years. Area oldtimers recalled a nasty scrap between two crewmen at the winter camp of the railway construction through Brickleigh in the early 1920s, after which one of the men was never again seen. In the 24 years since the discovery of the skeleton, the once-restless "Brickleigh Spirit" has been quiet."

Source:  Regina Leader Post S-s-scary S-s-saskatchewan October 30th 2006

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